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In his retirement Marty hopes others will understand that he cannot . . .

• do research for others, make bibliographical suggestions, or propose names of speakers for programs or authors for articles or books

• evaluate manuscripts or serve in any way as commentator on or liaison with publishers or agents

• help students with term papers, however much he has enjoyed doing this

• critique and advise dissertations at University of Chicago or elsewhere

• be of aid in “opening doors” to foundations or in any other way help isolate potential donors or raise funds except for the University of Chicago and St. Olaf College

• serve on any boards, including advisory boards

• speak to individual congregations (unless he has personal ties to the congregation) or to most kinds of retreats or professional workshops

• participate in tenure reviews or other academic evaluations

• write recommendations for anyone unless he has worked very closely with that individual through the years and is familiar with that person’s recent work

• write dust jacket endorsements for books (alas! for even the best of books by the best of friends); this is a decades-old policy born of Marty’s past role as book review editor at magazines, and he has retained it as a policy for complex but good reasons

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